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Low-dust Granules

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Low Dust Oral Granules
Granules leave powders in the dust.

Low dust granules leave powders in the dust

If you have ever given your horse a medication in powder form, you know that a lot of dust can be produced during administration -- dust that you could accidentally inhale.

To help reduce your risk of exposure to this dust, and the chemicals in it, Wedgewood Pharmacy compounds low-dust, flavored granules for horses.

Compounded granules may reduce the risk of chemical exposure to your staff and clients. The amount of dust produced when administering the preparation may be reduced, thereby helping to decrease the risk of exposure. If your horse takes one of these medications in another dosage form, ask your veterinarian if granules are an appropriate treatment.
  • Doxycycline
  • Pergolide
  • Reserpine

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