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Three Keys to Traveling with Your Pet's Medication

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Travel season is upon us! While millions of Americans plan to travel this summer, make sure you remember an often forgotten detail of planning your trip – your pet’s medications!

There are three main points your pharmacists at Wedgewood Pharmacy want you to remember when preparing for your vacation: documentation, medication and awareness.

  • Documentation

    Get any needed permission/documentation before you leave, especially if you are traveling out of the country. This may include:
    1. A letter from your veterinarian (including the doctor’s contact information) outlining your condition(s) and related prescribed medicines
    2. Permission from your consulate (representing the foreign country to which you are traveling) to bring your medication
    3. A schedule of which medications you take and when.
  • Medication

    Fill your prescriptions ahead of time.
    1. If you have a new or existing prescription, fill it before you leave. Pack more medication than you need in the event you are delayed in returning home.
    2. Ask your veterinarian for a duplicate prescription in case your medication is lost and you need more while you’re away.
    3. Pack your medication in its original, marked container. Depending on your exact medication, you may also need to avoid extreme temperatures or exposing the medication to light.
  • Awareness

    Know the rules for traveling with medications, especially if you’re flying.
    See the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website to review the rules about flying with medication.

      Tips on packing your medication

      No matter where you go, your vacation schedule will likely differ from your regular schedule at home, especially if you change time zones. Bring your pet’s medication schedule with you to help you maintain your prescribed course of therapy. This post on RoadAndTravel.com gives helpful hints, such as keeping your medication and your schedule in your carry on bag so you have access to it, and including on your schedule why your pet takes each medication in the event they are admitted to a hospital. And e-How.com has a great 7-step set of instructions you should read before you begin packing.

      Remembering your medication and doing some preparation ahead of time will make your vacation that much more enjoyable! To refill your existing prescription or a new prescription for a compounded preparation with Wedgewood Pharmacy, contact one of our customer care specialists at 800.331.8272.

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