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Delivering a Preferred Customer Experience

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Last week I attended a great seminar entitled, “Delivering a Preferred Customer Experience.” I left with 3 key insights that I thought would be worth sharing with business and practice managers:
  1. It is critical to understand what drives customer loyalty in your business. In the past we focused on “touchpoints,” which is how effective we are across interactions like customer service, our web site, or the delivery and packaging of the prescription. According to the Corporate Executive Board, the sponsors of the seminar, improving touchpoints only eliminates dis-satisfiers—it is not a driver of loyalty.

  2. More important to keeping your customers loyal are the benefits your customer perceives from doing business with you. We discovered through research that for our pharmacy, that means bringing value for the price paid for our services, helping our prescribers navigate the many alternatives, and being a company they can trust. What are the unique benefits you offer that drive loyalty for you?

  3. Finally, I left with the idea that we have to give more thought to how to create a sustainable customer experience strategy. Wedgewood Pharmacy introduced a new brand promise in 2010, “We Care the Way You Care.” Our staff put a tremendous amount of effort figuring out what that means to our customers and how to close any gaps between where we were and “caring like you care.” Our next step seems logical: put together a cross-functional team to ensure that we are delivering on that promise for you and your patients in an ongoing way.
Any business, large or very small, should consider what benefits the customer perceives by doing business with you. Only then will you be able to deliver the kind of preferred customer experience that keep customer coming back for more.

You may find information about the Corporate Executive Board at www.executiveboard.com.
Marcy Kelly, VP of Sales and Marketing 3/9/2010 3:38:00 PM


Response to: Delivering a Preferred Customer Experience
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Michelle Gilmore says:

The vets office sent over a refill of the Prescription because I had none left. When I called to have the bottle filled the representative I spoke told me that I did have a refill and a new script. She said that they could refill the old script and use the new one next time. I agreed. When I asked her to change the flavor she said that it can’t be done. She said that it needed to be done before she completed the transaction. She had later said that I should have told her before she completed the transaction. That all she was doing was refilling the previous script and she did not know I wanted it changed. I told her, she never asked me if I wanted it changed, and The bottom line is that I did not call to refill an old script I called to fill a new one, so she should have asked me, considering I change the flavor every time I refill. I then asked the rep if I can have a few extra syringes. She asked me how many I wanted. I have never been asked how many I want before. I just a

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