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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Landmark decision in US v Franck's Labs, Inc. impacts veterinarians who use compounding pharmaciesThe new Order.WedgewoodPetRx.com site has been live since early July and the feedback has been phenomenal! We're hearing veterinarians, technicians and practice managers tell us, "It's the best thing since sliced bread!," and "I found a cheaper, more efficient, and faster compounder. Sorry to my previous pharmacies." We're getting this kind of feedback on the new ordering website because we've built it to do the four main things veterinary professionals need it to do above all else:

  1. Backorders and drug shortages: Facing another backorder situation for a manufactured drug you commonly prescribe? Find out immediately if Wedgewood Pharmacy can compound an alternative for you by clicking on the Manufactured Drug Shortage Tab.

  2. Reorder your most common items: Need to know what you ordered last time? We've got your customized list of your most common items. Just click on the Reorder My Common Items tab and add items you order regularly to your cart. Additionally, click on the Most Commonly Prescribed tab to see the most common items ordered by your colleagues around the country. You can also click the Most Cost Effective tab to just look at the least expensive items already sorted out for you.

  3. Get the best price-per-unit: Which dosage form is the best value for your patient, capsules or Tiny Tabs? Find out before you order with convenient price-per-unit calculations displayed on your search results page.

  4. Search quickly: Figuring out exactly the compound you need can be complex. We've made searching and filtering results simple, allowing you to find the exact item you need in our comprehensive, 20,000 preparation formulary. Search by drug name and filter by dosage form and strength.
Watch a brief video to learn how to use Order.WedgewoodPetRx.com.

Set up your free account today or log in now and place orders for compounded preparations online.

Phillip Barnes Phillip Barnes
Phillip Barnes
Social Media Specialist
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About Phillip Barnes:
Phillip Barnes has been helping physicians and veterinarians by letting them know about important drug shortage alerts and new dosage forms available from Wedgewood Pharmacy for more than nine years. In his role as Social Media Specialist, Barnes seeks to enhance the relationship doctors and patients have with Wedgewood Pharmacy by creating more opportunities for effective communication.

The views expressed on this blog are solely those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Wedgewood Pharmacy.

Medications compounded by Wedgewood Pharmacy are prepared at the direction of a physician or veterinarian. Many compounded preparations are commonly prescribed, and supported by literature, to treat particular disease states, but you should always consult your physician or veterinarian before taking or administering any compounded medication. Wedgewood Pharmacy does not make claims for the efficacy of its compounded preparations.


Phillip Barnes, Social Media Specialist 9/20/2011 4:16:00 PM

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