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Aminopentamide Hydrogen Sulfate 0.2mg Tiny Tabs

Can't find Centrine® 0.2mg tablets? Turn to Wedgewood Pharmacy first for back-ordered medications like Aminopentamide Hydrogen Sulfate 0.2mg Tiny Tabs®.

When a commercially available medication like Centrine® (Aminopentamide Hydrogen Sulfate) 0.2mg tablets becomes unavailable, it can be disruptive to your patient’s treatment and stressful for the owner. Wedgewood Pharmacy often is able to compound preparations that are back-ordered by their manufacturers or otherwise unavailable so that your patients' treatment regimens are not interrupted.  And, when you are a Wedgewood Pharmacy customer, we will let you know via fax or e-mail whichever you prefer when a commercially available medication becomes unavailable and we can provide a compounded alternative. This may minimize any disruption in patient care and prevent the need to "stock up" on items in case they go on backorder.

Please call our pharmacists at 800.331.8272 if you need a back-ordered medication like Aminopentamide Hydrogen Sulfate 0.2mg.

Tiny Tabs® Deliver Big!

Aminopentamide Hydrogen Sulfate 0.2mg Tiny Tabs 
Aminopentamide Hydrogen Sulfate
0.2mg Tiny Tabs, 30ct, 100ct
Anyone who has tried to pill a pet that refuses to cooperate knows that it’s a big problem. Luckily, there’s a tiny solution. Measuring just 6.25mm in diameter (smaller than a Tic-Tac®), Tiny Tabs may make pilling much easier. They’re perfect for the most difficult-to-administer or bitter-tasting medications, and often cost less than other dosage forms.
This content is intended for patient counseling purposes only. This content is for informational/educational purposes and is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or person. No claims are made as to the safety or efficacy of mentioned preparations. The compounded medications featured in this piece have been prescribed and administered by veterinarians who work with Wedgewood Pharmacy.  You are encouraged to speak with your veterinarian as to the appropriate use of any medication.
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