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We Prepare Compounding Oncology Preparations, One Animal At A Time.

Scott, Compounding Pharmacist, and Jazmyn

Your commitment to providing the highest-quality healthcare solutions for every patient and every condition is Wedgewood Pharmacy’s commitment, too. When compounding oncology preparations, we take additional safety precautions to minimize the toxicity risk to your staff, pet owners and our staff, while helping to provide innovative treatment options for animals affected by cancer.

Wedgewood Pharmacy is your single source for chemotherapeutic and adjuvant agents, including commercially manufactured drugs, in many dosage forms. You can prescribe single-dose oncology preparations as needed, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining an inventory and the associated inventory carrying costs.

Compounded chemotherapeutic agents available from Wedgewood Pharmacy include:

Anastrozole Lomustine
Azathioprine Melphalon
Bicalutamide Mitotane
Chlorambucil Piroxicam
Cisplatin Prednisolone
Hydroxyurea Procarbazine

Compounded adjuvant agents available from Wedgewood Pharmacy include:

Calcium Aluminosilicate Dexamethasone
Chlorhexidine Diphenhydramine
Chlorpromazine Metoclopramide
Cyproheptadine Prednisolone


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