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Are you looking for a specialized veterinary compounding pharmacy you can trust?

Then welcome to Wedgewood Pharmacy, one of the largest compounding pharmacies in the U.S. where quality, service, value and choice are as much a part of doing business as the fact that we love animals. When we say that We Care the Way You Care® about the animals in your care, we mean that we are committed to the health of every horse, cat, rabbit, dog, chimpanzee, hamster, ferret, parrot, guinea pig, panda, leopard and elephant who takes the custom-compounded medicines we provide. (We care for lots of other animals, too, and we have some interesting stories to tell!)

More than 30,000 prescribers turn to us as their trusted source of compounded preparations they prescribe. If a mass-manufactured drug is not right for an animal in your life, we have many ways to customize the flavor, dosage and dosage-form to help make sure that animals who need our help take the medicine the doctor orders.

What is compounding pharmacy?

Compounding is the way all medicines were made until drugs were manufactured in factories. But for animals that can't take certain drugs because they're allergic to an ingredient, or the flavor is bitter, or the pill is too big, or they're too sick to swallow, veterinarians and their clients turn to us to make the exact medicine each patient needs. Every person at Wedgewood Pharmacy, from our team of pharmacists and technicians, through Customer Care to our Shipping Department are dedicated exclusively to compounding and nothing else.

Wedgewood Pharmacy is PCAB-Accredited®

Wedgewood Pharmacy has earned the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board's Seal of Accreditation, demonstrating that we meet the highest standards of quality and safety. When it comes to the animals in your care, what could matter more than that?

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